ALL ON SALE Coneflower Garden

So my response to unpleasantness is always to seek some nurturing in nature and in color. COVID time found me painting and drawing up a storm. This Coneflower Garden painting was one of many, but I just didn't like it at first. My son, in his infinite wisdom, said "Stop working on it. You will like it tomorrow", and with his words bouncing around in my head, I put the painting away for the night. The next day I took a photo and posted it online, still only able to see the errors in my art. Y'all opened my EYES!

The reaction was overwhelming and the comments assured me that we can all view the same situation with completely different eyes. Instead of seeing the wrong in any situation, if we look for what is RIGHT, then that's what we will see.

Now I see love and light, and all that is still GOOD in the world. May you be blessed with the beauty of today.